In different languages including javascript , “map” is introduced as a higher order function that uses another function in order to transform any structure (like array) to a certain form . But this is not the same case when we talk about a well renowned data structure called “Map”. Map is a non-linear data structure we often have to use in order to fulfill some specific purposes under certain use cases . Many programming languages provide a built in support for using map ,may be in different names. For example , in python this is called “dictionary” that serves as…

There are so many programmers who claim to love JavaScript, code in JavaScript, eat JavaScript, and sleep with JavaScript. But there is no such programmer who never had to go through a hard time comprehending many of its ambiguous features and their unpredictable behaviors.

The ambiguity around the declaration of JavaScript variables (functions and objects can also be stored in variables) is one that can make a programmer’s life hell if there is a lack of proper understanding of scopes and a variable’s life cycle.

You probably know that var, let, and const are used to declare a variable in…

Rezaul Karim

Read, Learn, Code, Eat, Sleep Repeat .

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